Monday, December 1, 2008

interaction with videos on YouTube: posting comments to vidoes

Users can post comments to any video they view. The comments can not be edited or deleted by the viewer once it is posted. Comments can only be moderated or deleted by the video owner. The owner can also select options to change how comments are posted to their videos. If the owner chooses to edit the properties for his/ her videos, they have the option to allow all comments, require approval for all comments, or block all comments. Users can also rate comments on videos. If there is a comment that a user likes for whatever reason they can click on a thumbs up icon indicating that the comment is worthwhile. A user can also click on the thumbs down icon if they do not like a comment. As more users score a comment it becomes easier to find. Then users can also sort comments based on the ratings they received. To sort comments users select an option from a drop screen below the video. Then they can choose view all comments, the highest rated comments, lowest rated comments, or somewhere in between.

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